Our Community

Some time ago, we decided to add the words "and Community Centre" to the Torrisholme Methodist Church signage on our buildings. It was a very obvious thing to do, for two reasons:-

First, our Church is populated by a very diverse group of individuals. Where did those people come from? Well, from our local community, obviously. We were all part of the general community long before we ever arrived at the decision to come to Torrisholme Methodist Church. We remain part of both communities - in fact, our Christian faith encourages to be more active in the general community, rather than withdraw from it as some religious communities may.

Second, we have for very many years offered our buildings for the use of local groups and organisations needing a place to share their common interests. They pay a nominal rent or make donations to cover the costs of their use of the facilities. So our buildings have become over time a community resource used by our Church attenders and others.

Which parts of our buildings do we regard as community facilities? Well, every part. Some parts are clearly communal, such as toilets and kitchen. Others, such as our Hall, are used daily and we have some smaller rooms that are well used but less frequently. Of course, our worship area (sometimes called the "sanctuary" to distinguish it from the general term "church", which refers to all the premises and people) is set aside specifically for Christian worship, and sanctified for that purpose. Nevertheless, it is still a community facility, in that anyone can join us in worship, or simply sit quietly and observe what we do. If it feels right for you, you can partake of Holy Communion on those Sundays we offer it. Our table is open to any and every person who wishes to receive the blessing of our Lord. Children can take part in a simpler way at the same time as adults. Our wine is non-alcoholic to conform with our firmly held Methodist principles of "no alcohol permitted anywhere on our premises".

There is no qualification for this - no training, no membership, no test. Simply turn up for a 10.30 Sunday morning service and you will be made welcome. Come to coffee afterwards if you wish and meet some people. There will be someone you can surely relate to among our number.